Yoga benefits – 7 reasons to rock your mat

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yoga benefits

Popular doesn’t mean new. Yoga is a 5000 year old proven science with many primary and secondary benefits. Are you one of those not convinced about the benefits of yoga? Here are a few good reasons why you should be practicing yoga right now:

  1. Yoga increases flexibility
  2. Yoga develops strength and endurance
  3. Yoga improves posture
  4. Yoga expands breath capacity
  5. Yoga relieves stress
  6. Yoga enhances mood and concentration
  7. Yoga improves the heart’s health

These benefits are no secret. Athletes have incorporated this discipline into their fitness routines, pregnant women practice prenatal yoga, and both men and women around the world have practiced several styles of this art, philosophy and science, experiencing these benefits and improving their lives.

No wonder why yoga has become so popular. Stop thinking about it and go hit your mat.

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Image credits to Darko Sikman

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