Kale Melon Smoothie | Vegan

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kale melon smoothie | Vegan Recipe

Happy Meatless Monday! Jessica Perlaza, Chicago native and author of the book HIBERNATE, shares with you an easy smoothie recipe.

By Jessica Perlaza

summer is heating up quickly and when you’re not sweating out those toxins on the mat or soaking up the sun at the lakefront, make yourself a green smoothie loaded with superfoods to help you stay cool.

i’ve been whipping up this super smoothie at our new community wellness SPACE in seoul and thought it only fair to share its replenishing goodness with you – my fellow chicagoans – too. its kale melon goodness is perfect for a post-yoga recharge, an anytime snack or as a kickstart to a sunny summer morning. it’s so tasty with just its basic ingredients but why stop there? add some superfoods and take your smoothie to the next level. here are a few that i’m loving this summer…

chia seeds – a complete protein, full of antioxidants. improves digestion and boasts more omega 3’s than flaxseeds!

bee pollen – high in protein and packs a serious energy punch. i actually can’t sleep if i add these sweet golden granules to my smoothie after an evening yoga class. bee pollen may provide relief from seasonal allergies and asthma but start slow to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

spirulina – a blue-green algae that contains a wide range of minerals and is a great source of
vegetable protein

try one superfood at a time or add them all together and see where your smoothie takes you. and don’t forget to share!

Kale Melon Smoothie | Vegan

‎3 kale leaves
1 small asian melon (or a handful of honeydew)
1/4 a cucumber
1/2 a frozen banana
1.5 cups nut, rice, or soy milk

add some SUPERfoods!
bee pollen
chia seeds (or flaxseed powder)

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Introducing Jessica: “I’m a teacher, home cook and advocate for the simple things in life. More than three years ago, my husband and I bid farewell to the big city of Chicago and the urban sprawl of Orlando to live in a small village in the Korean countryside. I was raised on mac n’ cheese and fried fish sticks but, through much trial and error, I eventually learned to treat myself and my body better. My kitchen is now full of fresh, whole foods that nourish me – body, mind and spirit.

My recent project as the co-author of The Kitchens of Pinch and Dash – a self-published quarterly cookzine – has brought me great joy in allowing me to spread the word of good food with a greater reach. Nestled in its pages you will find recipes (all vegan and gluten-free), photos and stories inspired by the seasons that influence the way I eat and live.” Read more…

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