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Meatless Monday Chicago | Rice and Beans Recipe
November 4, 2012, No comments

Everyone drops by at some point in the evening to fill their bowl and their belly, and catch up over a cup of coffee…

Acai Granola Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Brazilian Acai Granola Breakfast Bowl | Vegetarian

October 15, 2012, No comments

The way the surfers in Brazil start their morning, energy packed and just plain delicious...

kale melon smoothie | Vegan Recipe

Kale Melon Smoothie | Vegan

August 26, 2012, No comments

...Its kale melon goodness is perfect for a post-yoga recharge, an anytime snack or as a kickstart to a sunny summer morning...

Earth Hour 2012 | Chicago

Meatless Monday is bigger than you

May 24, 2012, No comments

Start the week off with a focus on health and awareness of the impact our meat consumption is having on the environment. Yes, the environment; Meatles ...

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    9 Tips For an Easy Meatless Monday
    April 22, 2012, 2 Comments

    We encourage you to join the Meatless Monday movement. We know it is not easy to change your diet so here are a few tips to make your Meatless Monday easier...