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inspirational quotes
November 5, 2012, No comments

A lot of factors can be considered when talking about a stressful living space. It could be the clutter, the spatial arrangement, the noise…

breathing exercise

Meditation technique: Breathing exercise

September 28, 2012, No comments

Meditation starts with the breath. The purpose of this breathing exercise is to help you calm the mind by bringing awareness to the breath...

Stress Management Swim

Managing Stress through Swimming

May 18, 2012, No comments

Swimming has the traditional benefits to the mind and body, such as helping strengthen the respiratory system, build endurance and balancing hormone ...

Stress management for students

Relief for Stressed out Students

September 20, 2011, No comments

Check out this infographic in which it is explained how stress affects students and what they can do about it...

  • The meaning of chakra | yoga
    The meaning of the chakras
    August 2, 2011, No comments

    We hear about something called “chakra” in our yoga classes. The word is used in articles and books to grab your attention...

  • meditation
    Meditation for beginners
    June 25, 2011, No comments

    I am sure you’ve heard how good meditation is for you. But there has been so many misconceptions about this topic that it has become hard to actually understand what [...]

  • yoga benefits | stress relief
    Yoga benefits: #5 Stress relief
    June 24, 2011, No comments

    A lot has been said about yoga and stress relief. The truth is that everybody can decrease stress through yoga. There are several different things that might happen during a [...]