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inspirational quotes
November 5, 2012, No comments

A lot of factors can be considered when talking about a stressful living space. It could be the clutter, the spatial arrangement, the noise…


Embracing All that Changes Around you

October 12, 2012, No comments

...You can feel the winds kick up, see the clouds move in, watch the weather report. But how do you prepare for a storm you never saw coming?...

David Newman Kirtan

Motivational Video of the Month | David Newman

July 6, 2012, No comments

"Be bold, Be free, Be Beautiful, Believe, Be love, Be true to you..."

Sara Bareilles Motivational Video

Motivational Video of the Month | Sara Bareilles

May 8, 2012, No comments

"Made up my mind when I was a young girl I been given this one world I won't worry it away..."

  • yoga benefits
    8 Weeks to Happiness | Week 8
    November 13, 2011, No comments

    Change starts with us. Guard your thoughts; understand the power of your actions. Every war started with a thought just as every marvelous creation started with a thought.

  • Yoga and Meditation approach to happiness
    8 Weeks to Happiness | Week 7
    November 7, 2011, No comments

    The past has been lived, the future is not promised, but the present moment is the gift of life. Say this to yourself enough times until you actually understand it, until you recognize it as a true statement of existence...

  • yoga benefits | stress relief
    8 Weeks to Happiness | Week 6
    October 31, 2011, No comments

    You must trust in your "self", have faith that the positive energy you are putting back into the world is being felt and fostering change...