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October 12, 2012, No comments

…You can feel the winds kick up, see the clouds move in, watch the weather report. But how do you prepare for a storm you never saw coming?…


Look for the Good Within You

January 15, 2012, No comments

Shine a light on the moments of your life you are sleepwalking through...

Meditation and emotions

Finding Beauty in Both Joy and Suffering

October 12, 2011, 1 Comment

Because we cannot always surround ourselves with joy, we have to hear stories of suffering and feel for them. This is how we move forward with wisdom. ...

Meditation in Movement

Meditation in Movement

October 5, 2011, No comments

When you're guided from the heart, your life flows with the rhythm of a jazz song, the highs and lows become part of the tune, oozing beauty, perfecti ...