Benefits of Yoga – For Men

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June 11 starts National Men’s Health Week and what better way to open the week than with bringing awareness to the benefits of yoga. There are several ways to get started if you do not already have a developed practice. Millennium Park is offering yoga classes every Saturday morning for the entire summer and Lululemon has several community yoga events including Thursday evening yoga classes at Oak Street Beach. There is also a service called ClassFill where you can name your price for yoga classes at participating yoga studios around Chicago.

The benefits of yoga are proving to be accurate, but stereotypes such as yoga is for women and yoga is not challenging are proving to be inaccurate. More and more men are rolling out their mats and seeing the increased balance, strength and flexibility experienced from the physical part of the practice. The relaxation, calmness and mental parts are also being unveiled through the dedication men are showing to their practice.

Many professional athletes have started incorporating yoga and meditation into their routine. The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers have openly talked about how they use yoga and meditation to prepare for games. LeBron James of the Eastern Conference NBA champions have talked about using the physical parts of the practice to improve his endurance, flexibility and focus. Yoga has definitely become a popular form of strength and conditioning both physically and mentally.

However, popular doesn’t mean new. Yoga is a 5000 year old proven philosophy, art and science with many primary and secondary benefits. Are you one of those not convinced about the benefits of yoga? Here are a few good reasons why you should be practicing yoga right now:

  1. Yoga increases flexibility
  2. Yoga develops strength and endurance
  3. Yoga improves posture
  4. Yoga expands breath capacity
  5. Yoga relieves stress
  6. Yoga enhances mood and concentration
  7. Yoga improves the heart’s health

These benefits are no secret. No wonder why yoga has become so popular. Stop thinking about it and go hit your mat.

Many men are also turning to this ancient practice to relieve the aches and pains of aging. Go to our Chicago Yoga Studios Directory to help you find a yoga studio near you.

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