Yoga benefits: #2 Strength and Endurance

Written by Mind Yourself on June 24, 2011 in Yoga, Your Body - 1 Comment
yoga benefits |strength and endurance

Even though yoga is most popularly related to flexibility, let me just say that it can certainly make you stronger. How much stronger? That depends on the type of yoga that you choose to practice.

The practice of yoga increases body awareness, allowing you to isolate the muscles you need and relax the ones you don’t, which has a positive effect on both strength and endurance.

Power yoga or Ashtanga are really vigorous and can help you improve your muscle tone. But don’t let the less vigorous styles of yoga fool you, they will also help you develop strength throughout your body.

To make it simple, almost all yoga poses, when done correctly, will build strength throughout the body, including the core, legs, arms and back.

It is said that what does not kill you makes you stronger, and yoga is no exception.

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