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Witness Your Thoughts, Peace is Within
January 25, 2012, No comments

Using the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we will take an 8 week journey through Yoga’s 8 component parts. Breaking them down and making them…

Types of Yoga | What a Yoga beginner needs to know

Types of Yoga: What a Yoga Beginner Needs to Know

December 30, 2011, No comments

How yoga has evolved over the last 5,000 years and how to decide which yoga may best fit you...

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Yoga and Hip-Hop, the Scary Truth

December 8, 2011, 1 Comment

Hip-hop has put emphasis on drugs, sex and money. Has Yoga done the same? The ancient form of the practice had one focus… Samadhi

Yoga Lifestyle

Living a Yogic Lifestyle

November 17, 2011, No comments

"Therefore, when you consistently cultivate the opposite thoughts and emotions, the unwholesome tendencies are gradually destroyed..."

  • Eating consciously in Chicago
    Outsourcing our Eating Choices
    October 28, 2011, 1 Comment not a vegan in any way shape or form of the word, but we can learn a lot from her attitude about her cooking. She has, had, and always will have control over what goes in her body...

  • chicago yoga month
    Yoga Month Chicago: My perspective
    September 13, 2011, No comments

    I originally struggled with allowing the secondary benefits of the practice be the driver for what we now call Yoga Month. The purpose of the practice is to arrive at Self Realization...