Swap Your Regular Holiday For A Yoga Retreat

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Yoga Retreat

By Felix Marsh

The summer is marching on. July is behind us. August ahead of us. Three questions for you…

Have you booked your vacation yet?

Do you love yoga?

Have you ever thought about trying something completely different and swapping your regular vacation for a yoga retreat?

Time at a yoga retreat is an ideal way to ‘rewire’ and ground yourself, making sure you return home feeling refreshed and retuned. Yoga is accessible to anybody, regardless of their age or level of fitness and in contrast to a regular vacation where the majority of us have a tendency to overindulge and perhaps return feeling a little burnt out.

If spending time away being both mindful and physically active, allowing new thoughts and possibilities into your life sound’s appealing to you, a yoga retreat may be just what you need to help you reconnect with what is important to you.

Transform Your Everyday Life By Visiting A Yoga Retreat

Taking time out of your daily life and its routines and turning your focus to your physical and psychological self through yoga practice allows you to retune your physical and emotional wellness which could be transformational, particularly if you are presently struggling to cope with the demands and pressures in your life.

A Yoga Retreat Can Help You To:

  • Improve your yoga technique
  • Boost confidence
  • Make better decisions for yourself
  • Feel inspired
  • Change your perspective on life
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Find inner peace
  • Establish new relationships

There are so many different types of retreats and packages to choose from. Many retreats leave you with plenty of free time to plan other activities around your scheduled yoga classes, whilst others have a far more structured itinerary to follow.

When it comes to yoga retreats there is something for everyone as after all you are the one getting away from it all so you decide how much or how little to do whilst your there.


With so many different kinds of retreat to choose from, you should have no problem finding the right retreat to suit your needs within your allocated budget. If you are on a particularly tight budget it is sensible to plan ahead and search for off peak deals.

It is also well worth looking closely at the different types of package on offer as you may be able to make some substantial savings simply by booking an all inclusive package that includes meals, flights etc.


The primary aim of going on holiday to a yoga retreat is to embark on your own journey of self discovery, but by choosing a retreat in an area you already know and love or a new place you are keen to explore gives you the perfect opportunity to explore and discover new things about that location too during your stay.

If you have a particular place in mind, why not search online to see what you can find available in that area.

Many retreats provide the perfect opportunity to combine yoga with something else you are passionate about, so if you love painting, horse riding or surfing for example, try searching for yoga retreats that would cater for this too.

Try Something Different!

Any vacation should be about taking a break from your usual routine, relaxing and letting your hair down, but a yoga retreat takes a slightly different approach to most people’s typical idea of a holiday.

Many people find themselves hooked after their first time at a yoga retreat and return time and time again to enjoy the impact of that peaceful, restorative experience once again.

Why not try a yoga retreat for your next vacation and see how different it makes you feel? When you get back to work afterwards your colleagues aren’t going to believe the difference in you!


About the author: Felix Marsh is a member of the Utopian Retreats team. They have a luxury eco retreat in La Finca Paradiso, Spain. You will find everything you need for creative, corporate or spiritual courses and amazing private holidays with your family and friends in a stunning location.

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