Yoga or recess?

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Yoga for kids

The WSJ recently reported how yoga for kids is becoming a growing trend especially benefiting those kids with special needs. Paul Ecke Central Elementary School in Southern California added yoga to its curriculum for 650 students and the school’s Principal, Adriana Chavarin, said, “she has seen how calm and centered students are after practicing the techniques.” The report states that during a school assembly the students began to become restless and a few sixth graders led the group through yoga poses and breathing exercises. “Every kid in the audience quieted down,” says David Miyashiro, the district superintendent. “It’s a different language they all speak now.”

Not all of the parents are convinced about the benefits or yoga, raising religious objections and calling it a form of worship. Doctors and professors argue that children can get the same benefits from other common exercises.
Is it yoga, or do our kids just need to become more active?

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