Nosara Yoga Institute – Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator

August 11, 2013

Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator® is the integrative module required for Professional Level Certification. This program refines your listening skills and ability to respond to your students without just giving advice. We learn to Say Back, what we are hearing in such a way as to stimulate the discovery from within. The role as yoga teacher that we are developing in this module, we are calling the Yoga Guide. As a professional yoga teacher, proficient in guiding postures and all that comes under the skills of Hatha Yoga; as our students grow and develop, we as teachers need to have skills to address the deeper issues of our life’s experience. This module takes us back to the initial purpose of Yoga; the inquiry into “Who Am I.”

To be able to address – with clear perception and non-judgmental listening – the issues of our students, we first need to have addressed our own deep core woundings, initiations and graces that have made us who we are. The intention here is not to uncover our insecurities and shortcomings, scream into a pillow or act out the dramas of our lives, but to rather make peace with our humanity so we can authentically accept our students and not feel they need to be changed in any way. This is step 1 in authentic communication where transformation is possible. We will be practicing communication skills and listening skills that will support each other in discovering and accepting our multi-dimensional self.

Often people begin their yoga journey to improve their health, productivity and well being. These are valiant reasons to study Hatha yoga. However, as their yoga practice evolves, they become conscious of their dysfunctional relationship with parts of themselves. They become aware that to allow the full expression of their health and creativity to manifest they need to delve deeper. The skills you will acquire in this 100-hr Module will allow you as a yoga educator to assist your students in doing just that.

The training ends with our Yoga Mela. All participants in the training will join together to create a celebration of yoga. This is an incredibly rich experience, full of fun and learning from your contemporaries.

The ultimate goal of this training is to provide you with the means to activate your students’ direct knowing by listening to what is not being said, and offering further questions that support the ability for them to listen and respond to the intelligence in their own body/mind.”

Date: August 11- August 24, 2012
Program Cost: $2,000

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About Nosara Yoga Institute: “Amba and Brahmanand (Don Stapleton.Ph.D.) are Founders and Directors of world-renowned Nosara Yoga Institute on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Internationally recognized for its professional career training in yoga education, over 1,500 intercultural Nosara Yoga Teachers experience the power of awakening to their own creativity as a basis for learning, teaching and growing throughout life. With recognition of Yoga Alliance, the 200, 500, and 1000-hr career tracks include Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Career Educational Development. In addition to on-campus training in Nosara, Costa Rica, NYI Trainings and ongoing yoga classes are offered internationally: Kripalu Center, Omega International and NYI-affiliated centers throughout the United States, Canada and Japan.”

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