Meditation for beginners

Written by myself on June 25, 2011 in Meditation, Stress Management, Your Mind - No comments

I am sure you’ve heard how good meditation is for you. But there has been so many misconceptions about this topic that it has become hard to actually understand what it truly means to meditate.

In Osho’s words “meditation in its essence is the art of being aware, aware of what is going on inside you and around you”. When you meditate you become a witness, you are more of a watcher than a doer.

Although meditation itself is not a technique there are many guides and paths to reaching a meditative state. The key is to be patient and enjoy the small successes, such as 5 seconds of calmness, 2 seconds of focus and then let your practice grow and blossom.

If you are a beginner, here are a couple of easy tips to get you started. When you are trying to meditate:

  • Turn off your phone and everything else that does not allow you to disengage yourself.
  • Find a special place/space that enhances meditation and designate specifically for meditation. Find a place where nature has not yet been disturbed or polluted. If you cannot find such a place, a quiet room or small corner will do just fine.
  • Be comfortable. Loosen any uncomfortable clothing and find a posture that allows you to forget the body.
  • Understand that it is a gradual process.
  • If you find meditation to be challenging to practice on your own, search out a yoga studio that teaches meditation.

The truth is that it requires some effort and it can be frustrating at times but it is worth to give it a try. Why? Well, it is believed to have positive health benefits such as help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditation starts with the breath, so here is a meditation technique you can try at home. Some yoga studios may teach a similar technique during yoga classes.

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