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Meatless Monday in Chicago continues to expand. This past weekend the Alliance for a Greener South Loop held its kick-off for the Meatless Monday in May campaign. This was an informational event to gather participants and make sure everyone is prepared for May. Restaurants continue to come on board and join in by placing signage in to let the community know that they support Meatless Monday in May.

Meatless Monday’s have become a focus for the Alliance for a Greener South Loop because statistics have shown that eating less meat has a larger environmental impact than recycling. The UK’s Food Climate Research Network suggests that “food production from farm to fork is responsible for between 20-30 percent of global green house gas emissions.”

The Meatless Monday in May kick-off event was catered by Native Foods Café’s Loop Location, Donna’s Café and Trader Joe’s showing the South Loop attendees that delicious meatless options are right in their backyard.

Native Foods Café’s Loop Location gave every attendee a $5 gift card. The event really created some good energy and buzz within the South Loop community. Third ward Alderman, Pat Dowell, shared her remarks and support for the efforts of the Alliance for a Greener South Loop. Local school Principals and other community leaders join in on the delicious food, socializing and coming together to spread the word about Meatless Monday and its impact on the city, country and world we live.

Here is a link to the restaurants that sponsored the kick-off event:

We will continue to bring you updates on the progress of the Alliance for a Greener South Loop’s Meatless Monday’s in May. If you are interested in learning more about Meatless Monday, we have several articles and recipes to help you become more informed. Also, you too can sign the pledge to go meatless on Monday’s, regardless of your Chicago neighborhood.

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