Meatless Monday is bigger than you

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Earth Hour 2012 | Chicago

Many feel Meatless Monday is a challenge over holiday weekends, including Memorial Day. We couldn’t agree more. It will be a challenge for most.

The idea behind Meatless Monday is to start the week off with a focus on health and awareness of the impact our meat consumption is having on the environment. Yes, the environment; Meatless Monday is bigger than you and your health. Obesity and heart disease epidemics are plaguing are community but the UK’s Food Climate Research Network suggests that “food production from farm to fork is responsible for between 20-30 percent of global green house gas emissions.”

As you are sitting in the grass under the stars watching the fireworks, imagine if the grass was not green or if the skies were so polluted you could not see the beautiful display of patriotism that light up the skies on Memorial Day. Meatless Monday is larger than fighting heart disease, type-2 diabetes and obesity. It is also about making sure that our children, cousins, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren can sit in beautiful green grass with their family and share in this beautiful celebration of our independence, freedom and liberty to choose what goes on our plate.

Hopefully this inspires you to not skip Meatless Monday, but to do as you are doing with all of your other beginning of the week responsibilities… move it to Tuesday.

Mind Yourself Chicago is in support of Meatless Monday and keep it going for the Memorial Day holiday. Feel free to join us on facebook or follow us on twitter to stay up to date on our support of the Meatless Monday movement in Chicago as we continue to share recipes, tips, and just overall support to make you and Chicago a healthier better place.
Join us in this effort.

Sign the pledge to go meatless this Monday.

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