8 Weeks to Happiness | Week 8

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By Wannabe Happy

We are at week 8 to the 8 weeks to happiness. You made it. It was an amazing journey into our mind and our thoughts. The goal is to continue to use the meditation techniques and other principles that lead to a happy existence. This week is all on you. As is the true path to happiness. The power is inside of you. The sooner you recognize that life and the world is not just about you, it is about us; the sooner one will experience happiness. We are all connected, we are all one.

Your thoughts and actions impact so many others than just those in immediate contact with you. The true guide to happiness is in training the mind. Training the mind to act skillfully in every situation. Training the mind to recognize and see what it means to truly exist as a human. Training the mind to see the truth. The truth that each of us will have to find our own personal way to handle the lack of lasting satisfaction. This is the true meaning of happiness.

If each of us examines our thoughts, our actions and focus on the change that needs to occur inside of ourselves, we can change the world. You are a major part of the bigger whole. It is almost as if you were an important player of a sports team. If you do not execute, the team will not succeed. Or the team will succeed for one game, but will not sustain long enough to win the championship. You must wake up in the morning, look at yourself and recognize that the basis of society’s problems lies within each of us. This will make happiness more than just a personal goal. It will give you the power to know that your thoughts and intentions drive the world.

You can only control what you can control, so control your thoughts. The only way to control your thoughts is to have a well-trained mind. So the 8 weeks to happiness focused on just that. Training the mind, opening up the mind to see the true meaning of life. To see the beauty in the world around us. To see that others around you are trying nothing more than to achieve the exact same goal you strive for, happiness and a life free from suffering.

I heard a simple, but yet powerful phrase when someone asked about happiness, the reply was, “Know what you want and have the strength to ask for it.” So, I have figured out what I want. I want others to act compassionately and experience life free from suffering, to experience peace for 5 minutes, just so they will know it is possible. In this, they will not give up hope on life, on themselves, nor on the others around them. In this, I will be greeted with a smile as I walk through the streets. I will no longer hear people blowing the horn of their car as someone interrupts their seemingly busy schedule. I will see people removing themselves from the guilt and anger of a situation and see life from the perspective of the person on the other side. Acting compassionately, skillfully with a free mind.

So, “know what you want and have the strength to ask for it.” Well I told you what I want, now comes the strength to ask for it. Here it goes, please join me in the mirror.

As I look at myself in the mirror, every morning I say to myself.

“How can you act more compassionately? No one is out to get you; no one is out to destroy you. You are one with this world and the world is one with you. You are who you are and you have your place in this world. So if you try to be someone else, then there will be a void. You are love, peace and joy. You are not hate, fear nor grief. Embrace change, for life will not be as it was yesterday. Live today as if it is your last day on this earth and if today unfortunately becomes your last day on this earth leave no animosity, resentment or misunderstanding.”

Change starts with us. Guard your thoughts; understand the power of your actions. Every war started with a thought just as every marvelous creation started with a thought. Your thoughts guide your actions, so protect your heart and train your mind. In it exists true happiness.

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