Make Juicing your Rx: 4 Tips for Wintertime Juicing

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Juicing in the Winter

Some may find going Meatless on Monday especially challenging during the holiday season. However, it is probably the most crucial time to focus on what we are putting inside of our bodies. Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables over the holidays and winter months is extremely important in keeping the body clean, hydrated and full of the vitamins needed to ward off colds. With the combination of the temperature getting increasingly cold, the holiday party alcohol consumption and the natural tendency to consume heavier, more acidic, and mucus forming foods, no wonder we feel sluggish going into the New Year. Energize yourself and do the world and your body a favor by trying to push through the holiday season and the rest of the winter keeping your mind and body clean and clear by consuming more fruits and vegetables.

One great way to do that is through juicing. Not only juicing, but also consider giving your body a winter cleanse when needed. Many of us pack on the winter baggage and wait until Spring before really taking notice of our bodies and minds. It is almost as if we allow the acidic foods and ingredients to just build up inside of us, dairy products, alcohol, refined sugars, red meat and caffeine.

We asked our friends from Juice Rx, the Chicago-based organic juice company, how can we pack in the nutrients and keep our bodies clean over the holidays and the remainder of the wintertime.

Here are their 4 Reasons to keep the Juices flowing while the cold air is blowing.

  1. A juice cleanse gives your immune system a super-boost, helping to protect against cold, flu and unwanted inflammation. Most of us think the opposite, considering that a juice cleanse causes the body temperature to drop. We use warming spices, such as cayenne, nutmeg, clove and ginger to raise the metabolism allowing one to maintain normal body temperatures during the cleanse. We also recommend incorporating hot herbal teas into the juice cleansing process during this time of year.
  2. A juice cleanse breaks the pattern of the heavy addictive foods we consume over the holidays. The holiday foods and the alcohol consumption can be addictive, and once you start, it may seem harder to stop no matter how intense your New Year’s resolution. Juicing can break the pattern of unconscious eating and reprogram your mind from the cravings of the holiday meals. My friend Kelly does a 3 day cleanse every month and she says, “It’s like pressing the re-set button.”
  3. Juicing helps to energize the body by giving it a jolt of vitamins and minerals that are ready for the body to absorb. Your mind reacts to these vitamins and minerals. So not only will the nutrients cleanse the body, it also boosts energy levels to help fight off the holiday blues and the wintertime sluggishness. The body and mind impact can help you stay in balance and bring the much needed holiday cheer to those around us.
  4. A winter cleanse can help protect against making the holiday and winter weight gain permanent. Cleansing your body through juicing allows for a flush of the accumulated toxins caused from both the holiday stress and all of those naughty (and oh so nice) holiday treats. Dairy products, refined sugars, and refined flours are acidic and a nice nutrient packed green juice can help alkalize the body and give it the balance needed to help you move forward both mentally and physically.

Hopefully this has encouraged you to stay on track and keep the fruits and veggies in your body. If this time of year is too busy for you, contact Juice Rx via phone 855-JuiceRx (584-2379) or online at and they will deliver it to your door. (Sorry for taking away that excuse).

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