8 Weeks to Happiness | Week 3

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8 weeks to happiness

By Wannabe Happy

We are entering into Week 3 of the 8 weeks to happiness. Last week we had a focus on yoga, meditation and eating better. This week will be more focused on bringing awareness to our attitudes and behaviors. Do not lose focus on the principles we learned in the last two weeks. Continue with the yoga poses, breathing exercises and the meditation techniques. Attempt to make them a part of your daily routine. For example, the yoga poses can be done once a day, it is just 15 minutes. We breathe all day, so why not practice the breathing exercise. We eat all of time (at least I do), so why not make conscious decisions with your fork.

For week 3 we will focus on our attitude and behavior. Our attitude more in how we view life and our surroundings.

If you missed week 1 or week 2, no worries, go at your own pace.

Day 1: Show Gratitude.
Write down 5 things for which you are grateful. Even on not so up days, there is always something positive that comes out of it. Some things to be grateful for are the fact that you are human, able to experience thoughts and feelings, able to have the power to change. Embrace the chaos and confusion of life, for it a part of the process. Be grateful for life and its precious surroundings. Whatever it may be for you, just write down 5 things, but contemplate your writing, try to focus on what is truly meaningful to you. Continue to revisit these sentences throughout the day, reminding yourself how you have everything that you need to be happy.

Day 2: Write a Letter.
Today is more of an active day. Take 15 minutes and call or snail mail a letter to that friend or family member that has been coming to your mind over the past couple of weeks. We have become so dependent on email and text that the personal touch of reading someone’s handwriting or hearing someone’s voice has been lost. It is so soothing to hear someone is doing well and/or so touching to know that you called someone during their time of need. Both ways, the voice has power and the pen is a mighty tool. Who knows where this may lead, you just have to wait and see. But enjoy the moment no matter what happens. If the person does not respond to the letter or the phone call, know that they heard your voice on the voicemail, saw the missed call, or read the letter. Your voice did not go unheard.

Day 3: Rent a funny movie.
Enjoy life, laugh a little. During today you should watch a funny movie. Not a funny TV show, because sometimes commercials can drift us off to another space. For 1.5 hours let your mind be free and watch a light hearted, no drama attached funny movie. Laughing can be therapeutic, so laugh out loud and have no shame of being silly. Just allow yourself to be and have fun. Laughing with someone can be even more enjoyable, but it is up to you.

Day 4: Releasing fear.
We all have fear. But how about letting it go? Think about some thing that scares you. Visualize this thing, really bring awareness to the image or scenario that causes fear inside of you. Get involved with the feelings this fear awakens inside of you. Once you have engaged those feelings, set yourself free: visualize yourself conquering that situation, winning that battle.  Imagine how you would feel if that fear did not exist in your life. Let yourself feel how you would feel if you conquered your fear. Allow yourself to experience that feeling of freedom, of wellbeing.  And remember, fear is in your head. And nobody else but you control what is in your mind.

Day 5: Positive Affirmations.
There is power in verbalization. We would like to be calmer, happier, full of love; then say it. Tell it to yourself. Convince yourself that happiness exist. I challenge you today to look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the following words; I am love, I am peace, I am joy. Repeat it as many times as necessary. Give yourself a smile, love who you are, be the peace and joy you want to see in the world. Keep this with you throughout the day. Repeat, I am love, I am peace, I am joy. Our reality comes from our thoughts, so think positively and change will present to you as a natural result.

Days 6 & 7: “Weekend”
These two days we will consider our weekend. Like all weekends, we either rest from our week or catch up on what we missed out on during the week. Take the same approach here. Either revisit a concept from Days 1-5 of this week or from week 1 or week 2 that you enjoyed or didn’t quite grasp totally. Whether it be practicing a breathing exercise, reaching out to another friend, practicing the 6 easy yoga poses or trying another vegan, vegetarian or healthy restaurant. Think about the week and continue to practice the principles learned. Begin to try to make them a habit in your life.

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