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Join the Higher Brain Living team! Together we can transform medicine, psychology and spirituality!

I need you. I need your hands, your head, your heart and mostly your passion. I need that burning passion that you have, to be a change agent in the world. I need a team.

We live in interesting times. I don’t believe that statement has ever been truer than it is today. Through the course of human history there have been 5 major epochs of human civilization. Those epochs have spanned a 100,000 year upward spiral, from archaic, to magic, to mythic, to rational to pluralistic world views. We are currently poised for the emergence of the 6th epoch. The question that many of us are asking, is will it happen in time? Evolution meanders, sometimes erases its mistakes and starts over…. no guarantees.

The amount of complexity that we have created in our individual lives and thus collectively in our world, has exceeded the capacity of our brains to process and create new solutions to our current challenges. Our collective “cognitive load” is simply too much for our brains to deal with. The way out of course, is to fully energize the untapped higher brain and provide a path and a map for a new culture to emerge. A new culture which honors the entire spiral of development. A culture that promotes growth and evolution and seeks wholeness and integration. A culture that can take new perspectives and act from those new perspectives and create a brave new world.

We are now offering training in the revolutionary Higher Brain Living™ system. Through this training program you will learn to promote an energy increase into the highest part of your clients brains. Energizing the Highest untapped parts of the human brain frees up untapped potential. You will then learn the skills to help your clients apply that potential and guide them to a fearlessly authentic life.

Imagine waking each day with a sense of fulfillment for the work you do as a Higher Brain Living™ facilitator. Imagine the change you could make in your family and community. Imagine being paid…. very well, for the work you do and knowing that you were providing value in peoples lives in a way that had never been possible before. Imagine being forever connected to a team, who shares your vision and supports your growth. Imagine the awesome feeling you would have for your own life of passion and purpose.

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Dr. Michael Cotton
Higher Brain Living Facilitator
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