Chicago's premier guide to healthy living 2013-08-14T22:39:30Z WordPress Guest Blogger <![CDATA[Swap Your Regular Holiday For A Yoga Retreat]]> 2013-08-11T22:50:20Z 2013-08-14T22:39:30Z By Felix Marsh

The summer is marching on. July is behind us. August ahead of us. Three questions for you…

Have you booked your vacation yet?

Do you love yoga?

Have you ever thought about trying something completely different and swapping your regular vacation for a yoga retreat?

Time at a yoga retreat is an ideal way to ‘rewire’ and ground yourself, making sure you return home feeling refreshed and retuned. Yoga is accessible to anybody, regardless of their age or level of fitness and in contrast to a regular vacation where the majority of us have a tendency to overindulge and perhaps return feeling a little burnt out.

If spending time away being both mindful and physically active, allowing new thoughts and possibilities into your life sound’s appealing to you, a yoga retreat may be just what you need to help you reconnect with what is important to you.

Transform Your Everyday Life By Visiting A Yoga Retreat

Taking time out of your daily life and its routines and turning your focus to your physical and psychological self through yoga practice allows you to retune your physical and emotional wellness which could be transformational, particularly if you are presently struggling to cope with the demands and pressures in your life.

A Yoga Retreat Can Help You To:

There are so many different types of retreats and packages to choose from. Many retreats leave you with plenty of free time to plan other activities around your scheduled yoga classes, whilst others have a far more structured itinerary to follow.

When it comes to yoga retreats there is something for everyone as after all you are the one getting away from it all so you decide how much or how little to do whilst your there.


With so many different kinds of retreat to choose from, you should have no problem finding the right retreat to suit your needs within your allocated budget. If you are on a particularly tight budget it is sensible to plan ahead and search for off peak deals.

It is also well worth looking closely at the different types of package on offer as you may be able to make some substantial savings simply by booking an all inclusive package that includes meals, flights etc.


The primary aim of going on holiday to a yoga retreat is to embark on your own journey of self discovery, but by choosing a retreat in an area you already know and love or a new place you are keen to explore gives you the perfect opportunity to explore and discover new things about that location too during your stay.

If you have a particular place in mind, why not search online to see what you can find available in that area.

Many retreats provide the perfect opportunity to combine yoga with something else you are passionate about, so if you love painting, horse riding or surfing for example, try searching for yoga retreats that would cater for this too.

Try Something Different!

Any vacation should be about taking a break from your usual routine, relaxing and letting your hair down, but a yoga retreat takes a slightly different approach to most people’s typical idea of a holiday.

Many people find themselves hooked after their first time at a yoga retreat and return time and time again to enjoy the impact of that peaceful, restorative experience once again.

Why not try a yoga retreat for your next vacation and see how different it makes you feel? When you get back to work afterwards your colleagues aren’t going to believe the difference in you!


About the author: Felix Marsh is a member of the Utopian Retreats team. They have a luxury eco retreat in La Finca Paradiso, Spain. You will find everything you need for creative, corporate or spiritual courses and amazing private holidays with your family and friends in a stunning location.

]]> 0 Guest Blogger <![CDATA[How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation]]> 2013-08-11T22:23:36Z 2013-08-11T22:15:28Z By Guest Blogger Cole Millen

If you are like most people, you have worked hard to establish healthy eating habits before your vacation. You probably cut carbs, went to the gym, and cut out fast food from your diet completely to get the perfect body for your vacation. Wouldn’t it be a shame to throw away all of that hard work you put in for preparation for vacation? Here are few things you can do to make sure you do not sabotage your healthy eating habits and still enjoy a variety of foods while on vacation.

Remember, your vacation starts from the moment you leave your home and lasts until the time you arrive back. If you are in a hurry to catch your flight or pick up your rental car, it may be tempting to grab some fast food. This is why it is important to plan ahead and prepare your own food for your trip.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when preparing your own travel food is to pack an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and low fat foods. Many experts say to eat different colored foods such as tomatoes, bananas, and celery to make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition. Also, keep in mind not to drink too many calories. Many drinks such as sodas and juices contain large amounts of sugar. It is a good idea to get used to drinking water instead of sugary drinks. Consuming too many sugars can ruin any diet or workout plan.

If you decide to fly to reach your vacation destination, make sure to eat a healthy meal before you get there. This will help you resist the temptation to eat unhealthy food. If you arrive early for your flight, do something physical while you wait. Try walking around if you are in a large airport. You would be surprised how much short intervals of exercise can help your fitness goals.

If you plan in advance, you can find a health friendly hotel that will serve a healthy breakfast with foods such as boiled eggs, fruits, and whole grains.  Most hotels have gyms that have weights and cardio machines. You can search for one or talk to people who have vacationed in the area before. Request a room that has a microwave and refrigerator so you can go grocery shopping once you get to your room. Purchasing food to cook in your room saves you money and is healthier than most foods you can find while on vacation. If you are going to the beach, fill up your ice chest with healthy foods and drinks so you won’t have to walk over to a local fast food restaurant and ruin your diet.

Finding the appropriate hotel with the amenities that you need, can often be extremely difficult. For this reason due diligence is pivotal in a healthy vacation. I have found reviews from other travelers to be extremely helpful when determining truthful information. On my latest trip out west I found a great site called Gogobot that listed reviews for Las Vegas hotels regarding everything from their own amenities to the restaurants in the area. There was even a travel guide that offered things to do. This was extremely helpful in maintain a healthy lifestyle even in the buffet wasteland.

Just because you are watching your diet does not mean that you cannot go out to restaurants while you are on vacation. Almost every restaurant that you can go to has a healthy menu. If the healthy items are not highlighted on the menu, just look for items that are baked, broiled, grilled, and fat free. Try to resist the temptation to get anything that is fried. You can look at the menu before you arrive and pick out a few healthy alternatives that will fit your diet.

Following these tips will ensure that you will not waste all of the hard work you put in before your vacation. You will thank yourself later for sticking to your healthy eating habits.

    ]]> 0 Guest Blogger <![CDATA[Oatmeal with a Protein Twist]]> 2012-12-10T04:07:16Z 2012-12-10T03:56:43Z By Melissa Woodson

    I’ve always been a huge fan of oatmeal for breakfast. It’s hearty. It’s warm. It’s comfort in a bowl. But for as it fills me up in the moment, I often find that it doesn’t quite hold me over until lunchtime. Luckily, I discovered a little trick that amps up oatmeal’s staying power for only about 35 calories and no extra fat.

    The secret? Egg whites! I was skeptical at first, but once the whites are whipped in, you can’t even taste them. What’s more, they make the oats incredibly creamy and fluffy. Give this recipe a shot, and you’ll be hooked, too!

    Protein-Packed Oatmeal
    Serves 1*
    1/4 cup old fashioned oats
    1/4 cup each water and unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or any milk you like)
    cinnamon, to taste
    1 sliced banana, divided
    2 fresh egg whites
    splash of vanilla
    1 T. almond butter (or nut butter of choice)

    1. Add oats, water, and milk to a small saucepan and heat over medium high until bubbling.

    2. Reduce heat to medium low and add ½ sliced banana and cinnamon. Cook about 3 minutes, stirring often, until oats have absorbed most of the liquid.

    3. Whip the egg whites and vanilla together well with a fork. They should be slightly foamy.

    4. Slowly add the whipped egg whites to the oatmeal, stirring constantly. Raise the heat to medium and continue stirring oatmeal until the egg whites are absorbed, about 2 minutes.

    5. Remove from heat and add the rest of the sliced banana. Let stand, covered, for 5 minutes.

    6. Transfer to a bowl and top with almond butter.

    *Feel free to double the recipe for 2 or if you like a bigger bowl of oats.

    Melissa Woodson is the community manager for @WashULaw, a Masters in Law offered through Washington University in St. Louis that is considered a premier LLM degree. In her spare time, she enjoys running, cooking, and making half-baked attempts at training her dog.

    ]]> 0 Guest Blogger <![CDATA[Is Your Living Space Causing You Stress?]]> 2012-11-05T04:04:15Z 2012-11-05T03:35:22Z By Jerry Davidson

    You get up each morning, get ready for work, hop on the blue line or the red line and head into the office; you work until the evening, leave the loop and head back to your apartment but instead of collapsing onto your couch and relaxing, you find yourself still plagued by stress, this time from your living conditions.

    Everyone needs to be able to distance themselves from the stress of their lives, and they shouldn’t have to rely exclusively on vacations to do it. Making your living space a stress-free environment could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

    A lot of factors can be considered when talking about a stressful living space. It could be the clutter, the spatial arrangement, the noise (from bars, trains, highways, or your proximity to Wrigley Field); it could be from roommates or pets or simply from yourself- what you’re bringing back with you from the office. In order to make a change, you’ve got to first find out what elements need to be changed.

    If the sources of your stress aren’t immediately apparent, if there’s stress you feel but can’t seem to identify, it may help to take an inventory. There are a couple of ways to do this:

    The first way is to simply find the area that you feel has the maximum comfort in your home, sit and close your eyes. Imagine yourself coming home from work and think of the place you’d most like to be, the place that would give you the most amount of relaxation. This could be a beach or a snowy cabin in the woods. Now, think of what it is about that environment that calms you and how you can incorporate those aspects into your current living space. If your dream place is a beach, try to incorporate some sand or warm colors into your home. You can even set up a little spot in your apartment or house that’s your own personal Zen sanctuary and go there when things get stressful.

    The second useful trick is to create a list of all the things in your apartment you think might be causing you stress, or things you feel you have to do: the pile of bills on the counter, the laundry piled up on the couch, the clutter on the coffee table, it can be anything that you feel may be stressful. Once you’ve compiled a list, start by removing one of these items per day. Find a new way to organize your bills and mail. Invest in a hamper. Keep moving down the list, removing items as you go. While each item removed might not immediately solve your stress issues, organization has been tied to stress and simply having an organized living space should cut down on the levels of stress you feel in your home.

    Stress can be difficult to eliminate or identify, especially since it’s an internal conflict. What you’ve got to do is learn how to balance those outside elements in order to cut down on the internal strife. It’s all about you, but hopefully these ideas will help get you started.

    About the author: Jerry Davidson believes in healthier living through home design and décor. When he’s not writing, you can find Jerry reviewing products and services for Chicago’s door specialists.

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    ]]> 0 Guest Blogger <![CDATA[Abuela’s Beans and Rice | Vegan]]> 2012-11-05T04:16:06Z 2012-11-04T09:33:36Z Happy Meatless Monday! During the month of April Jessica Perlaza, Chicago native and author of the book HIBERNATE, will share with you easy vegetarian recipes inspired by her journeys in Korea. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

    By Jessica Perlaza

    Every Friday, my husband’s grandmother makes a huge pot of rice and beans to feed the whole family – all twelve of her children, their spouses, the grandchildren, and grandchildren’s children! it’s been a tradition in their family since they lived in Colombia and has continued as they have all immigrated to the states, one by one, to be together.

    Everyone drops by at some point in the evening to fill their bowl and their belly, and catch up over a cup of coffee. It’s one of the things I love most about marrying into this culture. How they make time every week to come together, preserve a tradition, and celebrate family.

    Abuela has her own special recipe but, of course, it’s never easy to replicate that authentic traditional flavor. There is something special and intangible that goes into her cooking that I haven’t quite found yet. Maybe when I’m a grandmother. So I always give it my own twist and add whatever I’ve got in the kitchen. I’ve topped my bowl with coconut cream and chives and cooked my beans with cashews and bay leaves. Experiment! And have the family over for a taste.

    Abuela’s Beans and Rice | Vegan

    one pound of red beans (kidney or adzuki)
    half an onion and a few cloves of garlic, finely minced
    salt and adobo (a Spanish garlic salt) to taste

    Soak the beans in water overnight. When ready to cook, rinse and cover beans with fresh water. Add onion and garlic to the pot and generously sprinkle salt and adobe into the mix. Cook over medium high heat, bringing it to a boil. Remove any foam that appears on the surface with a slotted spoon. This helps to remove the gasses that are commonly associated with eating beans.

    You can also add a small piece of dried kelp (also called kombu, found in Asian supermarkets) to the cooking water to assist in the release of gaseous chemicals. After bringing to a boil, lower the heat to medium and cook – with lid slightly askew – until beans are soft, about one hour. Check often and add water if beans start to dry out. Add more salt and adobo to taste.

    Serve over brown rice and top with sofrito.

    Sofrito | Vegan

    In a small skillet, finely mince and saute the following in olive oil:
    half an onion
    a tomato
    2-3 cloves of garlic
    half a bell pepper
    salt and pepper to taste

    Saute until fragrant and flavors have melded, about 15 minutes, adding a bit of water if sauce gets dry. Spoon saucy sofrito over beans and rice.

    Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Get the freshest ingredients for your recipes at your local Farmers’ Market.

    Introducing Jessica: “I’m a teacher, home cook and advocate for the simple things in life. More than three years ago, my husband and I bid farewell to the big city of Chicago and the urban sprawl of Orlando to live in a small village in the Korean countryside. I was raised on mac n’ cheese and fried fish sticks but, through much trial and error, I eventually learned to treat myself and my body better. My kitchen is now full of fresh, whole foods that nourish me – body, mind and spirit.

    My recent project as the co-author of The Kitchens of Pinch and Dash – a self-published quarterly cookzine – has brought me great joy in allowing me to spread the word of good food with a greater reach. Nestled in its pages you will find recipes (all vegan and gluten-free), photos and stories inspired by the seasons that influence the way I eat and live.” Read more…

    ]]> 0 Mind Yourself <![CDATA[Brazilian Acai Granola Breakfast Bowl | Vegetarian]]> 2012-10-19T03:27:16Z 2012-10-15T04:31:48Z “Oi, tudo bem?” Happy Meatless Monday!

    While traveling through Brazil I had to stop by Florianoplis to see its world famous beaches. The two most famous and known for their amazing surfing are Praia Mole and Praia da Joaquina. But it was not the surfing that sticks out in my mind. It was how in the morning before we hit the waves, at Praia da Joaquina, the surfers would gather in this little restaurant where Joao would mix up this bowl of what I called at the time, purple cereal. After being encouraged to try it, I became hooked. Acai became my new addiction. I have tried the Acai juice in the bottle, but the closest thing in the United States of America to the Acai that I had in Brazil is the frozen Acai in the frozen foods section of the grocery store. Here is how Joao would make the Acai Breakfast Bowl, I saw it with my own two eyes. He used different fruits in the bowl, depending on what he had around the kitchen, but the Acai was the star of the dish, so feel free to use the same creativity with your fruits.

    Brazilian Acai Granola Breakfast Bowl Recipe | Vegetarian

    3 bananas
    Handful of blueberries
    6 – 8 oz of apple juice (depends on how thick you like your puree, I use  6 oz)
    4 teaspoons of honey (you can use 2 teaspoons of Agave to make it Vegan)
    2 – 100g (3.5oz) frozen Acai packs (we use Amafruits brand)
    Granola (to your liking)

    Place the apple juice, 1 banana, both packs of Acai and 2 teaspoons of honey into the blender and puree.

    Makes two bowls, so slice the bananas and spread between the two bowls. Drop in some blueberries and then pour the Acai mixture from the blender into the bowls. Top with granola and remaining honey and you are ready to enjoy this breakfast of champions. Depending on the season and your taste you can add some mangoes or pineapple to the bowl to really kick in some flavor.

    You can also add some chia seeds or flaxseed powder to the blender if you feel like you need the extra boost. You can even experiment with making your own granola if you have time, it is really simple.

    Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Get the freshest ingredients for your recipes at your local Farmers’ Market.

    ]]> 0 Guest Blogger <![CDATA[Embracing All that Changes Around you]]> 2012-10-17T01:57:53Z 2012-10-12T00:15:36Z By Sarah Lesch

    I started my bike ride out on an eight mile stretch of sidewalk that wraps around the waters of the bay.  As I looked out over the bay water, there were hardly any waves visible at all.  The water was slowly rising and falling like a floating parachute sheet.  On a rock in the water, three birds were calmly drying out their feathers in the sun.

    But in an instant everything changes.  I settled into a cafe for a bite to eat and when I went to travel back, my path was completely different.  Gone were the smooth waters, replaced by fierce waves cresting with white caps.  A storm was quickly moving in.  The rock that had provided serene shelter for the birds, was now being pelted with splash and foam.

    The reminder is everywhere that nothing stays the same.  Sure, you can look for signs that a storm is coming.  You can feel the winds kick up, see the clouds move in, watch the weather report.  But how do you prepare for a storm you never saw coming?

    In the Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion writes,, “Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.  You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.” Her husband has just died and she is trying to make sense of her life without him.  We all have to adjust to the ebb and flow of change in life.  Sometimes the change is sudden, like the loss of a loved one, sometimes the change is more subtle like the yearly growth of children.  When my first child was born, complete strangers seemed to keep reinforcing this message for me.  Everywhere I went it seemed people were stopping me to say, “Enjoy it.  It goes so fast.”  There always seemed to be this look in their eye of missing the baby days, a longing for the days of past.

    I understood that look in their eye.  That place of wanting to keep everything the same, but seeing the storm that day, I knew that was impossible.  Days do not stay the same and neither do our lives.  I understood that I couldn’t control everything that rolled into my life.  Cultivating detachment leads to acceptance.

    I knew I couldn’t stop time or keep my baby from growing, so I figured the best thing I could do was to immerse myself in being present.  I went to meditation classes, learned breathing techniques to stay calm, did yoga.  Each time I found myself losing my temper quickly or brewing over to do lists, I regathered my focus on the present moment.  And truly began to enjoy it, no matter what situation arose.  I found that the unexpected side effect of detachment and acceptance, is that you develop a more positive outlook on life when you are not grasping to keep things as they are.  There were some tough times, but the strength to be calm allowed me to manage any situation that arose.

    “Life changes fast.” Joan Didion says.  When we learn to be accepting of life’s challenges as they are presented to us, detaching from holding onto the past, we learn to be present in the moments of our lives as they are happening, allowing us to write a more interesting future.  We know we can’t control everything, but we start to see the beauty of it all.

    Storms will brew with friends, family, ourselves- some without any warning.  People will come in and then out of our lives, but storms open the door for new adventures and experiences in life.  Having the rain soak your hair and face, can become an exhilarating adventure when we accept the present day as it is.  As Joseph Campbell writes, “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”

    sarah yogaAbout the author: Sarah Lesch is a 500- hour registered yoga teacher and contributing writer for Yoga Tampa Bay. She teaches at The Lotus Room where her classes are an intuitive expression of movement and breath, skillfully guiding students to draw upon their own inner strengths. She leads meditation, parenting, and advanced asana workshops throughout the area, as well as Stand-Up Paddleboarding adventures. Sarah enjoys poetry, art, music, and family. Following the wisdom that the individual epitomizes the universe, she promotes self awareness and personal growth.

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    ]]> 0 myself <![CDATA[Meditation technique: Breathing exercise]]> 2012-10-17T01:59:20Z 2012-09-28T02:42:13Z Meditation starts with the breath. The purpose of this breathing exercise is to help you calm the mind by bringing awareness to the breath. Prior to starting, let’s briefly describe the regions of the lungs that we will be referring throughout this breathing exercise for meditation:

    Breathing exercise begins:

    1. In a comfortable position on your back, with your body relaxed, place your right hand at the top of your chest with your thumb at the collar bone and the left hand on the middle of your abdomen.
    2. Inhale and exhale through the nose.
    3. First focus on bringing breath into the lower part of the lungs by inflating the belly like a balloon. Next allow the air to expand to the middle chest region, then expanding further to fill the upper/collar bone region.
    4. On the inhale feel each region of the lungs expanding, imagining the inhalation filling up a glass of water from the bottom up.
    5. On the exhale, empty your lungs, allow the abdominal region to fully deflate.
    6. Continue long, deep, slow breaths while keeping the body relaxed until the breaths become smooth, even and uninterrupted (approximately 15 – 20 breaths).

    The breathing exercise can also be done in a chair with your back straight but in the beginning you may find it easier to practice in the lying down position.

    You can practice this breathing exercise any time you feel anxiety is getting in your way or you feel the need to bring yourself to the state of relax or calm. If you find meditation to be challenging to practice on your own, search out a Chicago Yoga Studio that teaches meditation.

    ]]> 0 Guest Blogger <![CDATA[3 Ideas for Meditating at Work]]> 2012-10-17T01:58:25Z 2012-09-15T12:59:57Z By Erica Moss

    Meditation may not be at the top of your boss’s to-do list, but it can help you reduce stress, improve focus and boost productivity. If you’re accustomed to caffeinating, smoking or snacking on your breaks, and if you find that those activities contribute to your stress as much as they combat it, meditation may be the alternative you’re searching for. The practice of meditation is both surprisingly simple and surprisingly challenging, but with a little discipline, it produces remarkable results.

    When to Meditate

    One of the best things about meditation is that you can do it anytime, anywhere (although meditating while your boss tries to give you important information is not advisable). The most common physical circumstances for meditation are sitting, stretching and walking, although the goal of Buddhist monks and yogis has always been the development of a completely meditative life. That means you can meditate on your walk to work, at your desk, in the elevator and before the meeting starts. You can meditate for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, and the more often you do it, the easier it will come.

    How to Meditate

    The most basic form of meditation begins with finding a comfortable pose in which you can keep your body still for several minutes. Lotus position is traditional, although for people with certain joint problems, sitting in a chair may work better. Close your eyes or choose a single point far enough away that you can focus your eyes on it in a relaxed manner. Allow mental preoccupations to fall away as you focus on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths while allowing your lungs to fill from your navel to your diaphragm. Hold each breath for a moment before exhaling completely, pulling in your navel to squeeze out the last of the air.

    Yoga Poses

    While doing the exercise described above, you will likely find it difficult to remain completely still. While fidgeting is counterproductive, many people (particularly sedentary office-workers) find stretching or walking meditation to be an excellent alternative to sitting meditation. There are a nearly infinite number of yoga poses, many of which can be done on in an office or even sitting in your desk chair. What all of these practices have in common is the synchronization of breath and movement, increasing awareness of the body and association with a meditative / spiritual tradition. A good place for beginners to start is the sun salutation sequence.

    As you begin to incorporate the practice of meditation into your day, remember that this tradition has been developed over thousand of years by extremely intensive practitioners. If you find yourself deeply attracted to it, you may benefit from a deeper exploration of its origins and practices, but in the short term, it probably makes more sense to focus on very basic exercises that yield quick results. Try not to become frustrated on days where it doesn’t seem to work, and keep trying! Failure is only the first step toward mastery, and success is sure to follow for the disciplined practitioner.

    For more how to’s on Meditation, feel free to browse our other articles on Meditation or find a Chicago Yoga Studio near you.

    About Erica Moss: Erica is the community manager for the online Master of Science in Nursing program at Georgetown University, offering one of the nation’s leading nurse practitioner programs. She also enjoys photography and meeting new people.

    ]]> 0 Guest Blogger <![CDATA[Kale Melon Smoothie | Vegan]]> 2012-10-17T02:01:34Z 2012-08-26T01:57:01Z Happy Meatless Monday! Jessica Perlaza, Chicago native and author of the book HIBERNATE, shares with you an easy smoothie recipe.

    By Jessica Perlaza

    summer is heating up quickly and when you’re not sweating out those toxins on the mat or soaking up the sun at the lakefront, make yourself a green smoothie loaded with superfoods to help you stay cool.

    i’ve been whipping up this super smoothie at our new community wellness SPACE in seoul and thought it only fair to share its replenishing goodness with you – my fellow chicagoans – too. its kale melon goodness is perfect for a post-yoga recharge, an anytime snack or as a kickstart to a sunny summer morning. it’s so tasty with just its basic ingredients but why stop there? add some superfoods and take your smoothie to the next level. here are a few that i’m loving this summer…

    chia seeds – a complete protein, full of antioxidants. improves digestion and boasts more omega 3’s than flaxseeds!

    bee pollen – high in protein and packs a serious energy punch. i actually can’t sleep if i add these sweet golden granules to my smoothie after an evening yoga class. bee pollen may provide relief from seasonal allergies and asthma but start slow to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

    spirulina – a blue-green algae that contains a wide range of minerals and is a great source of
    vegetable protein

    try one superfood at a time or add them all together and see where your smoothie takes you. and don’t forget to share!

    Kale Melon Smoothie | Vegan

    ‎3 kale leaves
    1 small asian melon (or a handful of honeydew)
    1/4 a cucumber
    1/2 a frozen banana
    1.5 cups nut, rice, or soy milk

    add some SUPERfoods!
    bee pollen
    chia seeds (or flaxseed powder)

    Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Get the freshest ingredients for your recipes at your local Farmers’ Market.

    Introducing Jessica: “I’m a teacher, home cook and advocate for the simple things in life. More than three years ago, my husband and I bid farewell to the big city of Chicago and the urban sprawl of Orlando to live in a small village in the Korean countryside. I was raised on mac n’ cheese and fried fish sticks but, through much trial and error, I eventually learned to treat myself and my body better. My kitchen is now full of fresh, whole foods that nourish me – body, mind and spirit.

    My recent project as the co-author of The Kitchens of Pinch and Dash – a self-published quarterly cookzine – has brought me great joy in allowing me to spread the word of good food with a greater reach. Nestled in its pages you will find recipes (all vegan and gluten-free), photos and stories inspired by the seasons that influence the way I eat and live.” Read more…

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