Change Your Way of Seeing the World: Higher Brain Living™

April 26, 2012

Higher Brain Living ChicagoA revolution is taking place that will forever change how you view human potential.

Join Dr. Michael Cotton for an unforgettable evening Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 7:00pm-09:00pm.

Dr. Cotton is the creator of the Higher Brain Living™ system and has dedicated his life to catalyzing the next emergence of human consciousness and culture.
At this event you will learn about the extraordinary Higher Brain Living™ system, how this system will promote a new stage of development in humanity and how YOU can join our team through our new training program.

This event will also feature live demonstrations of Higher Brain Living™!
The event is complimentary if registered before April 22, 2012 ($95 after April 22nd)

  • The newest addition of the human brain (prefrontal cortex) lies mostly dormant…you can be on the leading edge as we upgrade the brain and create a better world.
  • The revolution I’m referring to is a new process called Higher Brain Living™. As you learn to apply this hands-on discovery to your clients, a shift of energy occurs from the lower stress producing part of their brain into the untapped potential of their higher brain (we can measure this on EEG). This shift in energy into the higher brain accelerates and deepens whatever techniques you now use.
  • Higher Brain Living™ can be practiced as a stand-alone discipline (own an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ Center) or seamlessly integrate into your current healing art or personal growth technique.
  • I am personally inviting you to attend my presentation on April 26, 2012 in Chicago, IL.  My live demonstrations at this event (on actual Higher Brain Living™ clients) promises to be the most mind-blowing thing you have ever seen! Seating is limited and will fill quickly, register before April 22nd and the event is complimentary!

To register or for more info go to

Note: Bachelors degree required (or equivalency in the healing arts or personal growth field.  Certification and minimum of three years of experience meets this requirement.)

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