Nosara Yoga Institute – Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training®
 Directed by Don and Amba Stapleton.

January 6, 2013

Interdisciplinary Yoga® is a unique form of yoga that draws from diverse styles of yoga currently being practiced in the West.

Designed for those who have had some introductory experience in yoga, the training will give you a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of yoga. In addition, you will learn some of the principles of Feldenkrais and Somatics. These experiences will help you understand the body-mind relationship from a contemporary perspective that is suited to Western comprehension and practice.

This course carefully covers everything you will need to know to get you started teaching. Interdisciplinary Yoga is constantly evolving as understanding and research into the mind/body/spirit connection continues to unfold. Interdisciplinary Yoga uses and respects the ancient traditions of yoga, but is not limited to the past. Don and Amba are forever learners themselves, and will add to your training anything that inspires and supports you to achieve results in your life which yoga promises.

We know that powerful and effective teachers are those who are speaking from their own experience. During this month you will be spending the bulk of your time in direct experiential learning. What does this mean? Everyday you will experience both Conditioning Classes and Posture Classes that will allow you to go deeper into your own personal practice of yoga. In this practice you will gain familiarity and confidence to take home and begin your teaching career.

We understand that not all students coming to a yoga class can begin with the traditional yoga postures. Every individual’s body needs to be accepted as it is in this moment. Even the well-seasoned athlete or yogi can learn by slowing down and returning to the origins of archetypal, yogic movement. To respond to these individual needs Interdisciplinary Yoga® uniquely offers a comprehensive series of conditioning movements and body scans, that will assist you as a teacher in helping your students perform efficient movement. As you learn the principles of accessing the energy of prana through relaxed awareness you will have the tools to create your own conditioning movements. The daily “Vinyasa” or flow of postures you will experience in class each day can be repeated in your classes to help you get started teaching. Soon you will find yourself elaborating on this basic class and creating your own flows.

Interdisciplinary Yoga is a non-authoritarian approach to better health and more meaning in life. Central to the training is an inquiry into what makes a successful teacher. Don and Amba are committed to helping each individual to find their own voice, their own style, and their own passion for teaching. The ultimate goal of this training is to provide you with the means to activate your students’ direct knowing by guiding experiences that will support their ability to listen and respond to the intelligence in their own body/mind.”

Jan. 6, 2013- Feb. 2, 2013 | Program Cost: $3,800
June 30, 2013- July 27, 2013| Program Cost: $3,800
Nov. 3, 2013- Nov. 30, 2013 | Program Cost: $3,800

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About Nosara Yoga Institute: “Amba and Brahmanand (Don Stapleton.Ph.D.) are Founders and Directors of world-renowned Nosara Yoga Institute on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Internationally recognized for its professional career training in yoga education, over 1,500 intercultural Nosara Yoga Teachers experience the power of awakening to their own creativity as a basis for learning, teaching and growing throughout life. With recognition of Yoga Alliance, the 200, 500, and 1000-hr career tracks include Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Career Educational Development. In addition to on-campus training in Nosara, Costa Rica, NYI Trainings and ongoing yoga classes are offered internationally: Kripalu Center, Omega International and NYI-affiliated centers throughout the United States, Canada and Japan.”

Nosara Yoga Institute
Nosara, Costa Rica

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