Eat Fresh, Eat Local | Chicago Seasonality Chart

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Chicago farmers' markets

Explore Chicago has on their website the Chicago Seasonality table to help you eat fresh and keep it local. Eating locally grown produce has several widespread benefits. Here are 3, freshness in taste, reduces fossil fuel emissions, and supports local farmers.

So their you have it, the benefits of local produce go beyond personal health. Food activist and Meatless Monday supporter Michael Pollan notes that going local reduces food transportation’s impact on the environment because it reduces the amount of fossil food energy if takes to bring the food to your fork. It also helps preserve agricultural landscapes and farming traditions, which is a concept he calls, “Eat your view.” All of the beautiful agricultural landscapes can be preserved by supporting the local farmers. Would you let a non-accountant do your taxes, so why would you let a non-farmer choose your vegetables?

All these factors result in less nutrients loss between the farm and your fork. Fresh, seasonal foods also tend to be tastier, adding some extra flavor to your (already delicious) Meatless Monday entrees. We will be updating our Farmers’ Market Directory in April listing all of the places you can buy fresh, buy delicious, and most of all buy local.

Seasonability Chart Chicago | Farmers Markets

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