Shri Yoga Center

Written by Mind Yourself

1725 McGovern St. 3rd Floor
Highland Park, IL 60035
Highland Park
Yoga Styles: Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga

Shri Yoga Center has the mission to “honor all on their yoga journey and help them learn, respect and radiate the practice with learned and authentic (minimum 5 years yoga teaching experience) yoga instructors from a variety of lineages, helping to teach those of all different ages and abilities. When we begin to practice Yoga and its life affirming philosophy and approach, that good feeling we first experience often deepens into true joy -  SHRI. By recognizing and acknowledging that brightness and goodness, you will help to magnify the Shri all around you. Yoga helps us slow down and begin to develop greater awareness. As you stop and smell the roses, notice the color of the sky or the dew sparkling on the grass etc., then like the radiance of a star you will magnify Shri all around you and within you.”
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