Chi-Town Shakti

Written by Mind Yourself

1343 W. Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60660
North Side
Yoga Styles: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga

“Chi-Town Shakti is committed to bringing the peace and serenity of Shambhava Yoga right into the heart of the windy city. We endeavor to share with our students all the possibilities that living a yogic life can bring to their urban experience. Our goal is to create a yogic environment with depth and expansiveness, one that encourages exploration and positive experimentation. We offer yoga teacher trainings as part of the Shambhava School of Yoga. As a yoga center we honor the teachings of the Shambhava School, its founder, Rishi Mahamandaleshwar Sri Shambhavananda, and his lineage of teachers. We attempt to offer programs and classes that are derived from or harmonious with the Shambhava School.

The fundamentals of Shambhava asana practice center on safety, biomechanical alignment, personal exploration on the part of the student, and generating deeper internal awareness. We teach a balancing form of hatha yoga that starts from a deep relationship with the breath. We work with classical asanas that can be integrated into the teacher’s own creative style of yoga class. Students learn to move consciously with the breath to unlock tightness and restricted holding patterns. We give students tools to integrate asana practice with a regular meditation practice. Shambhava hatha yoga encourages the development of inner awareness and a connection with the flow of subtle energy within to create inner balance. Our pranayama, hatha yoga and meditation techniques are meant to help students open to the flow of subtle inner energy in a gentle and natural way.”
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