Chaturanga Holistic Fitness

Written by Mind Yourself

1525 E. 55th St. Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60615
Hyde Park
Yoga Styles: Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga

“The Yoga classes at Chaturanga encompass a variety of styles, from Hatha, to Ashtanga, to Vinyasa Flow, and more. In actuality, every Yoga teacher brings his or her own unique personality and training to the practice, making it somewhat arbitrary to assign a definite label to it.  Yoga is truly a holistic practice, and so regardless of the particular school one espouses, it is at root a unitive philosophy that seeks to connect, not dissect.

Our common denominator is the intention to teach with precision and careful attention to the needs of the students present in any given class. The basic values of the Yoga philosophy, such as connecting body, mind and spirit; staying grounded in the present moment; finding a balance between effort and surrender; not judging oneself as good or bad; cultivating a reverence for the breath — these are just some of the principles that our classes seek to impart.”

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